Sweater Weather: Women’s Fall Fashion Photography

Sweaters (specifically thrifted grandma style finds) are my favorite, so when I had to plan a fall fashion shoot I immediately went for a sweater weather theme. We raided my closet and picked out outfits for all the girls. To prepare for the shoot my friend and I took a night drive to Ashton and scoped out the backgrounds and places we wanted to use for our Fall Fashion Photoshoot. On the day of the shoot we all drove up together, listening to a fall playlist of course. It was so fun to photograph each of my friends for the Women’s Fall Fashion Photoshoot and I enjoyed trying out different edits to go with their different outfits and personalities.

Women’s Fall Fashion: Nordstrom Ad & Dance


This photo looked like it belonged on a clothing brand ad. I had a lot of fun turning it in to one and decided Nordstrom fit the vibe. (I also wish Nordstrom was actually having a sweater weather sale!) My good friend Margo modeled for this shot. She’s also a great dancer and so I loved getting a shot of her in her element (below).

Women’s Fall Fashion: Sweaters & Phone Booths

These next shots are of my sister Mykala and my wonderful friend Ariel. They were styling in fall colors and I enjoyed finding scenes that fit their outfits. 

If you’re wanting to do a Women’s Fall Fashion shoot, here’s a fun resource for clothing inspiration. Here’s another one for poses!