Using Texture Overlay’s in Photography

Using texture with your photography allows you to get even more creative with your images and give them more is my go to spot to find textures. There are tons of categories to choose from with textures of glass to grass. Once you’ve selected your texture, you can bring them into photoshop with your photograph and use the masks and brushes to blend them together. Click here to learn more about using textures for your work!

My Texture Overlay Photography Process

I took the image below when I was trying out self-portraits in my living room. I got a few weird looks from roommates, but you gotta do what you gotta do. (; I then created my own overlay by grabbing some text from a short story I’d written and using Illustrator to make it look handwritten. I brought that over my original image and began using a mask to lower the opacity at parts. I realized I wanted some text at full opacity to tell a story and chose the line “something on her mind.” After this, I found a paper texture from and used the brushes to bring out certain parts of the image. I was happy with the final result because it conveyed a story and combined several elements. I really enjoyed masking and think texture overlay photography is a great way to get in the creative spirit!


These are the files I used for my texture overlays. The bottom one is a short story I wrote randomly and so I popped it in the image for the text.

Unedited Original Image