Table Top Light Painting…Well Kind Of

Photography is all about light! You use diffusers, reflectors, times of day, and more to get the right lighting to capture a beautiful moment. With table top light painting, you get to completely control your lighting and “paint” it on wherever you want it. In a completely black room, you set up your scene, and then leave your camera on a long exposure so that you can run directing light on your scene with a flashlight.

Click here for a great resource if you want to try light painting yourself!

This weekend, I tried out three different table top setups…only here’s the secret. All the rooms in my college apartment are too well lit by the windows so I had to use one of the bathrooms. So my “table top” was actually the toilet. I know, not too glamourous, but it did what I needed! My friend Ariel kept me company and we set up different shots and backgrounds of a dress, towel, sweater, and scarf. Then we shut the lights off and the magic began!

Lord of the Rings Table Top Light Painting

I was really excited about this table top light painting! I’m a big LOTR fan and so I pulled out the One Ring to Rule them All. I put my hand in front of the light to create the red glare (Sauron’s Eye) in one of the images.

Miss Dior Table Top Light Painting

Pearls are my favorite accessory and so I knew I wanted to have them in one of my table top light paintings. I decided to combine them with My Ukraine Miss Dior perfume and some eye shadow for a classy shot. I used my red velvet Christmas dress to complete the look.

Paris Table Top Light Painting

Last, but not least, was the Paris journal idea. I decided to put this little glass Eiffel Tower on top of a journal to symbolize the stories someone would have of a trip to Paris. I was also excited to see how the light would interact with the glass.