Chocolate Food Photography Process

“Lots of chocolate for me to eat!” – Eliza Doolittle 

For this shoot, I got to photograph Sam’s dark chocolate. (It’s 72% cocoa which I think is perfection!) There’s something very classy about chocolate, and so I knew I wanted to shoot it on a black background. I picked one up at Walmart and also came across pomegranates. When I think classy, I think red, so I decided to throw some pomegranates in to style the shoot. Plus, pomegranates with chocolate is a heavenly combination! (Adding other food items to your shoot can really bring color and style to your shots. Check out this example from another food photographer. She uses spices to color the shoot.)

The sun was starting to set when I did this shoot, and so I placed my table by the window and moved things around so that there was a streak of light falling over the chocolate. I enjoyed playing with the lighting and being intentional with it in this shoot. The editing process was also fun! I tried some different styles and tried to really pull out the delicious dark brown of the chocolate with the red of the pomegranates.


Sam’s Choice Chocolate: Food Photography Final Images

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