Photoshop LUT Filters

I recently learned about the LUT filters in Photoshop. LUT filters are Color Lookup Themes. They allow you to add cinematic moods to your images. I loved discovering this because I love cinematic looks and enjoyed going through every LUT that photoshop had. I then combined a few to use on my image. I would change the opacity on each until the LUT’s blended to create the mood I needed. If you want to learn more about how to use Photoshop LUT’s, I recommend reading this.

LUT Photoshop Edit

I edited this photo of my friend Margaret. This was taken as part of a photo shoot. She’s an incredible musician, and so when I found this image of vintage speakers, I knew I wanted to use it in some way. I used a mask layer to blend it into the brick background. The LUT’s helped all the colors come together. The Photoshop LUT’s I used were 2Strip.look (opacity: 5%), filmstock_50.3dl (opacity: 79%), Crisp_Warm.look (opacity: 11%), and FujiF125 Kodak 2393 (opacity: 100%).

Background Image from

Unedited Original Image