Cookie Food Photography Styling Continued…

If you missed the first post, click here. It has styling tips and behind the scenes for you!

I can never decide if I like cookie dough or the actual cookies more. So, when you can’t pick one, you just pick them both. Part 2 shows my styling for the dough and the baked cookies. This was fun because I was able to try out different moods in the editing and did some different angels for the shots. I also brought in a new texture and props to give my last cookie shot a more Christmas mood. When doing food photography, sometimes it’s fun to take your food and try out a different setup. It can be as simple as changing a towel or plate or a bigger change like the texture and lighting. Don’t limit yourself. Do have fun and get excited about the creative options! Here’s another great resource to get thinking creatively with your styling.

Let’s head to the pictures! Let me know in the comments if you prefer cookie dough or cookies 😉


Cookie Food Photography: Before & After the Oven

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