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and this is my smorgasbord of stories in various forms.(photography, design, songwriting, podcasting)

i’m excited to use this space to share my commercial, creative, fine art, and portrait photography and more!


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my work

Vintage Bookworm Cinemagraph

Vintage Bookworm Cinemagraph

What are Cinemagraph's? I got SO excited when I found out about cinemagraphs last week! For my fellow Harry Potter friends out there, I was excited...

Table Top Light Painting

Table Top Light Painting

Table Top Light Painting...Well Kind Of Photography is all about light! You use diffusers, reflectors, times of day, and more to get the right...

Group Fashion Photography

Group Fashion Photography

Fall Fashion Group Photography Group photography was a new adventure for me. I have mostly done portraits and creative photography, and so figuring...


3-minute stories that come alive with a melody are some of my favorites to write. 

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