Movie Poster Remake of This Beautiful Fantastic

One of my favorite movies of all time is the British film, This Beautiful Fantastic. If you haven’t seen it, I 100/100 recommend (: (Look it up here)

Remaking the Movie Poster

It was so fun to be able to recreate the movie poster and put myself in the place of Jessica Findlay. The little me that always wanted to be an actress was excited about this remake! To create this image, I needed to take a self-portrait. My friend and I adventured to the gardens where I had seen a lot of beautiful roses. I stood in the middle of them and then my friend stood on a chair, holding the tripod so the camera dangled over me. We put the camera on a timer and then I’d reach up to press the button and then quickly pose. (pro tip: wear leggings if you’re wearing a dress in roses…I definitely found that out the hard way haha) After a few edits in Lightroom to get the colors feeling magical, I posted on my own text, starring several of my friends as cast and creators. Remaking the Movie Poster from This Beautiful Fantastic was quite a fun adventure because I was able to decide what I wanted to keep the same while having my own twist in it. Scroll down to see the original movie poster.