The Process: Men’s Fall Fashion Photography

Before there was snow on the ground (RIP fall), I got some friends together for a fashion shoot. We went out to a small town in Idaho called Ashton. I loved all the brick walls on their main street and thought it would match perfectly with our “Sweater Weather” fashion shoot theme. I’d never done a fashion shoot before, so it was a great learning process. While doing it, I learned to relax, be confident, and be upbeat to pump the models up. I had fun talking with the models and making sure that felt comfortable in front of the camera. All the men were so fun and rocked the fashion photography! I tried out a couple different editing styles to go with the different backgrounds and personalities.

Men’s Fall Fashion Photography: A Musician

This was my favorite shot to edit! I love the storytelling of this shot and enjoyed using dodge and burn to paint light onto the image in different ways. I also moved up the contrast and texture to give it a more cinematic feel.

Men’s Fall Fashion Photography: Wonderwall’s

For my other images, I found different textured walls that I thought fit the outfits that my models were wearing. 

If you are looking into trying out a Men’s fall fashion photoshoot, I reccomend this Pinterest board and this Pinterest board for pose and outfit inspiration.