Brand Food Photography: The Lara Bar

Lara Bar’s are my go to college splurge. They’re healthy with straightforward ingredients and are great for days where you are on the go. ( I also enjoyed learning the story of how they were created. Click here to hear the founder, Lara Merriken, speak on the “How I Built This” podcast.)

Partly because I wanted an excuse to get another box for an upcoming road trip, and partly because I thought it would be fun to create a shot with all the ingredients in the bar, I got some Cinnamon Roll Lara Bars. (My other favorite flavors are Apple Pie, Lemon, and Blueberry if you’re new to them.) You can also make your own with this recipe!

I laid out the ingredients on a paper texture table top, like this one. Then I had some fun figuring out how to arrange all the nuts, dates, raisins, and spices. Below is a behind the scenes time lapse of different styling!

Final Lara Bar Photographs

These were my favorite shots and styling from this shoot and I enjoyed editing them on Lightroom. 

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