Re-Brand Update!

You can call me Kianna Leah Creative (:

Going by Kianna Leah is special to me because my middle name connects me to my great-grandma Leah’s on both sides of my family. I’m also a lover of old things, so it was fun to capture my style by putting my name in typewriter font. I also love all things nature and find a lot of inspiration there for my photography, writing, and music, so I decided to include a plant for my logo. The color palette was one of my favorite parts to create. It includes some of my favorite colors to wear and so it felt fitting to have them be the colors for my personal brand.

One decision that took me a while was deciding what tagline to put. I thought about photography or design but decided that I most identify with “creative.” I love learning about new ways to create and love bringing my interests all together in new projects, whether that’s music video’s, pictures, or something else. I love that this can be a place where my smorgasbord of creativity can be shared with all of you.

I also wanted to share a quick resource that I think is very helpful in helping create a brand identity.

Style Guide