Cinnamon Rolls and Salsa Indoor Food Photography

Food styling is something I’ve been wanting to try for a while. After all, it combines two of my loves, photography and good food! I also took this as a great excuse to get my FAVORITE salsa of all time. It’s called “Fresh Cravings Salsa” and I discovered it during my second year of college and it has been my addiction ever since! 10/10 recommend it and you can find it at your local Walmart (this isn’t sponsored, but it is a dream of mine to partner with them! haha )

Anyways…after getting my salsa, I picked up a couple of props to style the shot for the indoor food photoshoot. Along the way, I found some cinnamon rolls that looked delicious and so I took it all home to shoot.

With some props from Walmart, the dollar store, and around the house, I began setting up shop in the living room. I moved the couch out of the way and put a table by the window to get the soft, natural lighting I wanted for my indoor shoot. Then I went to work styling food, snacking along the way 🙂

Below are the final shots of my indoor photoshoot with cinnamon rolls and Fresh Cravings salsa!

Cinnamon Rolls Food Photography


Fresh Cravings Salsa Food Photography

Behind the Scenes – Setting up the shot

If you are wanting to try out indoor food photography, here are two resources on lighting that I think are very helpful:

Basic Food Photography Lighting & Artificial Lighting Tips