Frostbite Beauty: Winter Landscape Photography in Idaho

One of my favorite part of Idaho is it’s skies. The clouds, sunsets, and blue skies are all stunning. Winter only accentuates this beauty and so I was excited to take my camera out and capture some beautiful Idaho winter scenes. Many of these were taken on a drive home from Island park. The sun was setting and I kept yelling “stop the car!” I would then hop out, put my camera on a tripod, and try to capture the setting sun in all it’s different stages. There were also incredible clouds that night that almost looked like mountains themselves!

Another fun winter shot to take was the Cabin at night. To get this shot, my friend and I put on rain boots and waded out into the river once it was dark outside. There was a blizzard that night, so we put tinfoil over the top of the camera to keep it safe. I placed it on a tripod so I could do some bracketing and blend the images in post. (Bracketing is where you tell your camera to take an image with 3 different exposures. That way, you can blend them in post to preserve both the shadows and highlights.) That night was absolutely magical. The river was still and the night was quiet, with whispering snow coming down all around us. The only lights were the one’s from the cabin and they were dancing in the river. It was absolutely worth walking into the middle of a river in the winter!

(Here’s a resource for you if you want to be inspired by more Idaho winter landscape photography.)


My Idaho Winter Landscape Photography