Styling Cookie Food Photography

Raise your hand if you are also in love with cookies?? I can’t count the number of times I’ve spent making them (probably to many, but do I regret it? Never!) Growing up, we would beg our mom to let us make a batch, saying that we were sure the neighbors needed some and it would only be the right thing to do. We were persuasive little kids, but my mom knew we were mostly after the cookie dough that is amazing frozen or not, and the warm, gooey goodness post-oven. Another cookie memory came last winter. I had a roommate that made the best cookie recipe ever and made us feel like we had our very own in-house crumble cookie shop, but better! I loved talks with her in the kitchen while we all taste tested the cookie dough 😉 So, as you can see, cookies are not only about the taste, but about the memories of making them.

I decided to capture the process of making cookies in a food photography shoot! I thought and thought about what mood I wanted to create and how to style the shot (In fact, I was still daydreaming about this when I started softening the butter in the microwave…and may have melted it..) One tip that was very fun and helpful for me was creating a Pinterest board and looking at Instagram’s of food photography for inspiration. I began studying placement, mood, and camera angles.

Some styling tips I learned were:

  1. Messy can be good! (As a messy baker, this was good news for me 😉 Sprinkle some powdered sugar or spices around. It makes it feel more real and can add some fun color splashes.
  2. Use ingredients and kitchen supplies that you use when making that recipe. I pulled in table spoons, poured some vanilla on it, threw some chocolate chips on the side, and was excessively excited to use the farm eggs that friends brought by.
  3. Check your shot every time you take a picture from a new angle. When you go to a new angle, the spacing of objects change and so you may need to adjust your props.
  4. Don’t get frustrated too frustrated when you’re first idea doesn’t turn out. Do get excited about trying other possibilities. Sometimes when something goes wrong, it will give you the creativity to get to an even better styling idea.
  5. Use texture backgrounds for your “tabletop.” I had some paper texture backgrounds that I love. You can easily clean them off, move them, and use them as the wall or table for your image. Here’s a link to one I’ve used.
  6. Flowers and plants are almost always a great addition.
  7. Go thrifting for styling props. Get placemats, dishes, or random objects and textures that match the tone of your shoot. I love thrifting and have a slight mug and dish addiction so this part was a party!

Now on to the cookie photoshoot!

Styling Cookie Food Photography: Mixing


Behind the Scenes

Take a look at my setup and process below! I love using natural lighting by placing my table by the window.

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