Discovering Digital Collage

This last summer I caught a nasty cold. I was superrr tired and felt terrible, but was dying at not having anything to do. But then Pinterest came to the rescue and I there discovered a Skillshare class by Marcos Morales about digital collages. (Here’s the link if you ever have a sick day 😉 )  I decided to make it my sick day TV and literally just lay there and watched. It looked so fun, and ever since then, I’ve been dying to try it out. I finally got the chance this weekend and put together this  little guy, mixing a few of my favorite things


My Collage

If your heads in the clouds, you might as well write in them, right? 

I love writing and dreaming and so i decided to do a self-portrait writing and then brought in the clouds and writing. Oranges are a recent addiction of mine, and it reminded me of a sun so I put it on top of the clouds. Robins became my favorite bird this summer and so I threw that alongside it. A city is tucked in by the clouds and a cassette represents my love of music and old things. The pictures in the background show to of my favorite places that are on opposites ends of the country. Alaskan roads look just like the picture on the right and the other side is from my favorite window view in my DC apartment. I couldn’t leave out the ocean, so I tucked it in with a spiral. There’s also a hidden postcard, if you can find it 😉

(Below are images I used in the collage. They are from and These are great resources for finding royalty free images for your collages!)