Kala Joy’s Harry Potter House Rings

If you’ve known either me or my sister for very long, you’ll know that we’re a little obsessed with Harry Potter. As little kids, we used to transform our bedroom into the Gryffindor common room when we were supposed to be in bed and we used knitting needles as our wands. My sister is getting ready to launch a ring business and so of course, her first collection is Harry Potter House themed. I got to help her shoot images for each house to use for her business. It was fun to dig into our supply of mugs (another love of mine 🙂 ) and figure out what each house would wear. It was an indoor shoot, so we positioned her by the window and used a white construction board as a reflector. Below are the final images for each house.

If you need a house ring, go check out her Instagram @kalajoy or her blog.

Hufflepuff House


Ravenclaw House

The best house…but I might be biased 😉

Gryffindor House

Slytherin House

Here’s another example of Harry Potter Rings Product Photography.