Fall Fashion Group Photography

Group photography was a new adventure for me. I have mostly done portraits and creative photography, and so figuring out how to pose a lot of people was a great new experience for me. We were walking around the town and on our way to one location, found an even better destination. An old car was parked up by the wall and we all gathered around it, peering in through the cracked windows. I decided on two boys and two girls and we tried out different positions for them. I loved the character the car brought to the shot and thought they looked like they were off of an old TV show! We also got some group photos at the end of the shoot on a picnic table. I had them all gather around the musician and laugh at each other. Needless to say, it looked like another TV show or Old Navy ad! I loved how the colors of their outfits went together. The group was really fun to work with and it was great to see the group interacting so happily together and then being able to capture it. My favorite shot of all was, of course, the classic silly picture at the end! One thing that I think is helpful when planning shoots is looking at posing examples. Here’s a link to start your search of posing examples.

Group Fashion Photography Examples