How I Learned Food Photography

I tried food photography for the first time last month. While food and photography are two of my favorite things, I wasn’t sure how I would enjoy the process of styling a food shot. However, after shooting my favorite salsa (view here), I was hooked. I love creative shoots, and this type of photography includes so many different creative aspects. There’s color, playing with light, selecting the right dishes (I get to add to my collection of mugs and dishes, so count me in!!), styling the food and props, using the right table textures, ect. I felt like a little kid creating in the kitchen!

After my salsa shoot, I decided to do a personal project to dive deeper into this form of photography that was new to me. I created a Pinterest board  for tips and inspiration, followed Food Photographer educators on social media (some of my favorites: @useyournoodles @healthylauracom @bealubas), watched YouTube videos on topics like styling and lighting, joined a Facebook group of other food photographers, and went thrifting for my own collection of styling supplies. I also enjoyed the editing process as I brought the images into Lightroom and practiced creating different moods for my photos. Even food can tell a story. (:


My Food Photography

Here are some highlights from the shoots I did for my personal learning project. There are 26 images in these 5 posts. Click on the links below each section of images to visit the posts and learn more about the process behind each one.

Part 1 & Part 2 of Styling Cookie Food Photography

Sam’s Choice Chocolate Food Photography Post

Breakfast Yogurt Food Photography Post

Lara Bar Product Food Photography Post

Resources For You & How to Hire Me

This personal project stretched me in many ways as I tried new things, failed, kept trying, thought creatively, and dove deep into learning more about the art of food photography. I found myself spending free moments looking up more resources and inspiration for my shoots. The hours shooting flew by as I setup and shot the images (and occasionally snacked (; ) If food photography is also something you’re interested in, I recommend looking into the resourced I listed at the beginning of this post (Pinterest Boards, Facebook Groups, YouTube -The Bite Shot is a great one, and Instagram Educators) You can also read this post for some styling tips I learned. Before you know it, you’ll be making everyone’s mouth water with your images!

If you would like to hire me to capture your incredible food, contact me here

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~ Kianna Leah

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