Fashion Accessories Fall Photoshoot

As part of my fall photoshoot (see previous posts) I took pictures of accessories. This was a fun experience because I got to focus on showing off a product, rather than just a model. To do this, I thought of different accessories people could bring or wear to the shoot. I then found background and places to shoot each product in a way that showed it off in a unique way. For this shoot, I took fashion accessory photos of a scarf, necklace, hat, and rings. (I was excited when my ring image was used on a ring business Instagram page!) I enjoyed trying out different angels, perspectives, and editing styles to match each fall accessory. I thought about how much of the model I wanted in the shot and what mood I could create through the editing.


Fall Fashion Accessories ft. a Scarf, Hat, & Jewelry

Here are two links to inspire your accessory photoshoot! Birmingham Magazine & Dreamstime