My Comm 316 Portfolio Journey

Over the last 4 months, I have had the incredible opportunity to dive deeper into photography and explore several different styles through a digital imaging course. I have studied landscape photography, external lighting, food photography, product photography, cinemagraphs, and more!  I love all the ways to create and capture stories with a camera in hand and have appreciated the opportunity to really clarify my style and niches within photography. My 2 favorite discoveries in this class were finding my love of food photography and learning about cinemagraphs. Cinemagraphs are images where one (or a few) parts of the image are moving (it reminds me of Harry Potter…so that could definitely be part of the reason why I like it so much!) I’d never heard of them before and enjoyed the creative process of planning the shoot and editing it. Originally, I was just excited about food photography because it was an excuse for a poor college student to buy her favorite salsa…but then I fell in LOVE with it! You get to style the table, pick the dishes, use the ingredients, and create a aesthetically pleasing mess 😉 It taught me a lot about lighting, my editing style (I realllyy love a good moody edit 😉 ), thinking creatively, trying new angles, and having fun!

Below are some of my favorite portfolio pieces from the projects I got to work on this semester! I learned that I love anything that really allows my creative juices to flow and think outside the box. Between getting creative with projects while having COVID, amazing roommates modeling and letting me rearrange the living room for shoots, a winter landscape excursion, a reflector flying into the river, building my website, and more, I learned so much in this class and it only makes me more excited to keep learning and trying new things. Stick around for many more photos and stories to come!

If you are looking into investing in your photography skills or trying out a new style, I highly recommend it. You learn so much about yourself, life, and your craft. You just might surprise yourself at what you learn, use your skills to help others, and find a new love. Here’s a link to another student’s work who dove deep into learning different styles. If you go on this journey, follow me @k_creates_ so I can see your work!


Digital Imaging – Comm 316 Portfolio Photography