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I created this space to bring my different writings and creative projects to one place and share them with you! 

Here’s some fun facts about me if you want to know more about the face behind the words…

I grew up by the ocean and mountains of Alaska in a family of 5 sisters (think Little Women 🙂 )

I’m a  Ravenclaw, enneagram 4, and college student in the great state of Idaho (the potatoes really are amazing). 

I love writing songs (my dream is to one day be a songwriter for other artists), yoga, brownies, books, and grandma sweaters.

I’d love to hear from you! Contact me below to collab, ask questions, or whatever else.

have a beautiful day,

~ kianna leah  

About Me

Hello! I'm a creative that has fallen in love with storytelling through photography, writing, music, design, podcasting, and whatever else I can learn. I'm an enneagram 4, Ravenclaw, INFJ, and sweater and thai food enthusiast. Thanks for stopping by!