What are Cinemagraph’s?

I got SO excited when I found out about cinemagraphs last week! For my fellow Harry Potter friends out there, I was excited to learn how to create picture magic (: For those who are new to it like me, cinemagraphs allow you to combine video and photography. You take a video and then freeze it in a photograph, while working with photoshop to allow one part, or parts of the image, to move. (Here are some examples to explore)

Old Fashioned Cinemagraph

As I brainstormed ideas, I came back to books. I am a proud nerd and got my Jane Austen book out, put on a sweater, and set up the tripod by the randomly tall beds in my college apartment. My roommate was my wing woman and used her hairdryer to make the pages fly (she’s the real wizard). We laughed as we took a couple of takes and found that hairdryer page-turning is harder than it looks. Editing was an adventure as I realized that gifs cannot be flipped in post and got super excited at seeing it all come together. I decided to go old school with some good old grain and vintage black and white to finish it off! I don’t think this will be the last of my adventures with Cinemagraphs. There are so many exciting places to go with it! What would you make?