Digital Imaging Portfolio – Comm 316

My Comm 316 Portfolio Journey Over the last 4 months, I have had the incredible opportunity to dive deeper into photography and explore several different styles through a digital imaging course. I have studied landscape photography, external lighting, food...

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Food Photography Personal Project

How I Learned Food Photography I tried food photography for the first time last month. While food and photography are two of my favorite things, I wasn't sure how I would enjoy the process of styling a food shot. However, after shooting my favorite salsa (view here),...

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Sam’s Chocolate Food Photography

Chocolate Food Photography Process "Lots of chocolate for me to eat!" - Eliza Doolittle  For this shoot, I got to photograph Sam's dark chocolate. (It's 72% cocoa which I think is perfection!) There's something very classy about chocolate, and so I knew I wanted to...

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Breakfast Food Photography ft. Yogurt

Yogurt Breakfast Food Photography Process   I had a lot of yogurt for breakfast these past months after coming down with strep...twice. While I was eating it for all the good probiotics, there's no reason you can't dress it up! Berries are my favorite addition....

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Lara Bar Food Photography

Brand Food Photography: The Lara Bar Lara Bar's are my go to college splurge. They're healthy with straightforward ingredients and are great for days where you are on the go. ( I also enjoyed learning the story of how they were created. Click here to hear the founder,...

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Part 2: Styling Cookie Food Photography

Cookie Food Photography Styling Continued... If you missed the first post, click here. It has styling tips and behind the scenes for you! I can never decide if I like cookie dough or the actual cookies more. So, when you can't pick one, you just pick them both. Part 2...

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Idaho Winter Landscape Photography

Frostbite Beauty: Winter Landscape Photography in Idaho One of my favorite part of Idaho is it's skies. The clouds, sunsets, and blue skies are all stunning. Winter only accentuates this beauty and so I was excited to take my camera out and capture some beautiful...

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Idaho Landscape Photography

Landscape Photography in the Great Potato State of Idaho Idaho has been my home for the past 3 1/2 years. When I first moved here from Alaska, I was honestly a little disappointed. It seemed very flat and brown. However, as I have adventured to places around my...

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Winter Landscape Photography

"Walking in a Winter Wonderland" Landscape Photography I went to Island Park for a weekend and felt like I was entering a Christmas wonderland! While it was freezing, it was also absolutely beautiful and worth the frozen fingers to get some winter landscape shots....

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About Me

Hello! I'm a creative that has fallen in love with storytelling through photography, writing, music, design, podcasting, and whatever else I can learn. I'm an enneagram 4, Ravenclaw, INFJ, and sweater and thai food enthusiast. Thanks for stopping by!