Why you should use Auxiliary Lighting for Portraits


Auxiliary lighting is when you use external lighting sources to light up your subject. This can be a with reflectors, a flash, LED lights, and more! Using auxiliary lights can allow you to be even more creative with your shots because you can have better control of where your letting the light fall, use different colored lights, and other techniques to create a certain mood or theme. I was at a Cabin in Island Park last weekend and used different lighting setups indoors and outdoors. My sister and friend joined me for the adventure and were my wonderful models! Here’s another example of auxiliary lighting portraits.


Outdoor Auxiliary Lighting Portraits

These images were taken on a bridge in Island park. We used a reflector to bounce light onto the models. We had a bit of an adventure during these pictures. While trading off who was holding the reflector, the wind came and blew it in to the water. So pro tip, hold on tight when in the wind and by a river 😉 

Indoor Auxiliary Lighting Portraits


For these indoor portraits, we used LED lights. The colors on the light changed so I tried out different brightnesses and colors to create different moods.